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Joshua Lutz

So I was living in Irving Park Chicago playing in a bunch of bands but overall unsatisfied. One day my toe itched. When I went to take my sock off my big toe looked up at me and said, "Let's go!" Taken back by my talking toe, I followed his lead and took off on my heels. I moved to Arizona and got an audio engineering degree form the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2006. In 2007 I was assistant engineer at Electric Lady Studios in NYC where I worked with guys like Roots, Maroon 5, Mos Def, Al Green and Citizen Cope.

Joss Stone let me design her "Introducing Joss Stone" Album and Lil' Wayne used one of my beats on his record! Things were going great. Then in 2009 my toes itched again. This time my pinky said, "You play 15 instruments, why not use us to make an album?" My fingers agreed and I put out my first solo record produced by Charlie Stavish (Foo Fighters, Muse, Weezer...) I'm currently working to rework and relaunch that release partnering with Kake Multimedia early this spring, and my follow up album is to be released early summer of 2015. My hopes are that your ears will love it! God Bless ~ JML

Separate EP

Separate is one of those songs that everyone who’s loved and lost can relate to. Sometimes you are so deeply emotionally involved that you are too blind to see that you are not truly meant to be together. When the separation happens between two young lovers, confusion and self doubt plague your mind. “Separate” is about just that.

"Playing 14 instruments and having acquired an audio engineering degree, I've worked in many top tier studios around America with credits that include Lil' Wayne, Joss Stone, Al Green, Roots, Citizen Cope and more. I am currently wrapping up the "City Of Strangers" 2015 LP release as well as a 192k sound library of NYC sound-scapes.

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